14 June 2015

Stag Beetles - online for sale in a couple of days!...

So the time has come, I have finished the Stag Beetles project I have been working on. This has been the most ambitious project that I have worked on since I started screenprinting. For a long time I was unsure as to what form this project was going to take it was just a fun excuse to draw some beetles in my spare time. But eventually I had to decide upon whether it would be a small collection of postcards, one big poster or something else. I knew I wanted to do a hand-lettered centrepiece but as I lack the huge setup needed to print posters I decided upon a triptych, a format that Japanese print makers have been using for centuries because of similar constraints. It has been a lot of work, three individual prints of two colours with the centre piece containing an additional copper metallic that had to be printed twice to get the colour as rich as I wanted it, but worth every hour as it was huge fun and a continual learning curve! Here are a few shots of the details of the prints, the finished prints will be available for sale Wednesday morning, Cheers!

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