25 January 2015

Stag Beetles...

Here's a little update; I have been working on a poster recently, or a collection/series of smaller works (|I haven't really decided yet!) on the subject of stag beetles. On one of my recent trips to Japan I came across a local museum that had cases and cases of them all neatly pinned and at first almost identical to one another until you looked more carefully. I've always thought these insects are so cool - built like armoured tanks moving in a slow robotic fashion, their 'antlers' make them so iconic, plus they can fly!

Since then I have been drawing as many as physically possible so I can arrange them into a poster combined with some bespoke lettering and maybe my first try using metallic screen inks, shaping up to being a challenging project. I'll post some more wip shots when I've got more to show, or maybe once I have added my secondary colour. I fear I may have bitten off more than I can chew however as the variety in the species is huge and with the number drawn already approaching 40 I'm wondering if my screens will be large enough!

Anyway I had better get back to it, although I fear my hands may have fallen off...

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