29 December 2014

New illustration developments...

So my new year's resolution is that I am going to try to share more about what I am currently doing on a more regular basis. I have had a brief hiatus, (oh a few years!) but I have some exciting new developments in my creative endeavours that I must share!

For the last year I have been building a screen printing workshop, making the machinery myself from scratch, sourcing materials and running tests. It has always been a dream of mine since I first studied surface print design at Central Saint Martins to own my own screen printing bed, and now it's finally a reality!

Also due to the hardware and it's possibilities I have started drawing more for myself, trying to find the time between freelance projects to produce designs of subject matter that I am personally interested in. Never thought I'd cross into fine-art but here goes nothing!

So, more posts to come in next few weeks and hopefully some illustrations to follow.

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